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Why Sed Contra?

Michelangelo_crucifixWelcome to Sed Contra, my small place on the World Wide Web. My name is David Morrison and I took the name Sed Contra from St. Thomas Aquinas’ monumental work, the Summa Theologica. Readers familiar with the Saint’s enormous effort will recall that he approaches topics first by raising a given question and then supplying usually between two and four standard answers to the question (which are never his answer) and then, sed contra, giving his take on the matter. While I am certainly not, in any way, seeking to compare myself to Saint Thomas Aquinas, Sed Contra represents my take on God, along with some of the things in my life and the broader world. It may help you to know certain things before continuing on. I am a practicing (still far from perfected) Roman Catholic in my mid 40s who lives in Arlington, Virginia, the closest Virginia suburb to Washington DC, the city where I spent my youth and came of age. It also might help you to know I live with a degree of same sex attraction and self-identified as gay and as an activist prior to coming to faith almost 15 years ago. I now live chastely in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church. As an adult convert to Catholicism I choose every day to practice my faith and seek to steadily deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ. Because I freely chose the Catholic faith as an adult I believe the Roman Catholic Church is the Church Christ founded in his apostles over 2000 years ago and that the greatest measure of the Truth He revealed subsists within it. This also means that I believe what the Catholic Church teaches, particularly about such things as God, humanity, morality, love, truth, sin, death, heaven and hell. Because I believe what the Catholic Church teaches is true, I also believe that contradictory creeds, attitudes and opinions do not have the fullness of the Truth that subsists in the Catholic Church. I respect others’ freedom to choose other creeds and I can live with their opinion that I have strayed onto an incorrect path by choosing the Catholic faith, but I would be less than honest, or respectful, if I act as though I do not acknowledge what I believe to be true. Which brings me, at last, to why Sed Contra really exists. At the level of the daily posting, Sed Contra serves many purposes and has acted as my diary, stage, opinion page, fitness measure and, sometimes, debate hall. But none of these define Sed Contra’s purpose. Sed Contra exists to reflect, however imperfectly, whatever of my meager light I can onto Jesus Christ and to magnify His Glory in even a tiny way. Sed Contra will succeed if at least some of its visitors who are already believers in Jesus Christ come away edified and with their faith deepened (even if only through challenge) and if at least some of its visitors who do not believe come away feeling at least one more hand tugging them toward Christ. In the middle of St. Mark’s Gospel, Jesus surprises his disciples (they were not yet his apostles) with the question: who do you say that I am? That is the same question He asks each one of us every single day and none of our other answers to any other questions we face is more important. Who do you say Jesus Christ is? While you ponder that, let me say thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy your visit and find at least a little to think about before surfing on.[link altered–ed.] Cordially, David Morrison

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